Shanice Farrugia (b.2000) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Malta. She recently completed a B. A Honours in Fine Art (1st Class) at MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts. Her focus is primarily on drawing, painting, and mixed media. Her creative process revolves around the theme of perception, reality, and identity.

As an adolescent, Farrugia started to take art seriously and started to rapidly achieve a realistic approach. As a result, her work tends to remain truthful to her subjects while unearthing the truth of things through her perception.

The human figure has always been at the centre of Farrugia’s work which she tries to capture the essence of the subject through light, atmosphere, and texture. Her work presents an introspective and personal response to her surroundings, making the figures in her works a reflection of herself and her personal life at the time. Her current body of work focuses on representational figurative paintings and raw beauty, using dry and wet media. She is currently exploring the theme of perception, that of staying true to form and eventually to oneself.

In 2018, Farrugia interned for Artemisia Fine Arts & Antiques. She has also illustrated children’s books from the trilogy Il-Misteru tal-Għoġol tad-Deheb. During the summer of 2019, she underwent a two-month internship as an artist assistant to Antonella Bussanich in Florence, Italy. Farrugia has taken part in a number of local collective exhibitions and she is currently working at the MPM Arts Hub, Valletta.